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Legendary reverb and effects plugins are now available directly from Lexicon.

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LexiconPro LexiconPro

Get dramatic effects and cash back from Lexicon! Today, we launched a mail-in rebate promotion for the MX200,...

Feb 01, 2015replyretweetfavorite

Amazing keyboardist David Rosenthal stopped by our booth today. He's using the Lexicon Pro PCM plug-ins in his...

Jan 25, 2015replyretweetfavorite

Soundcraft professional mixing consoles is displaying their brilliant new Ui Mixers Series. They feature...

Jan 24, 2015replyretweetfavorite

HARMAN's Ken Freeman along with sound engineers Dave Rat and David Morgan in the NAMM H.O.T. Zone presentation

Jan 23, 2015replyretweetfavorite

Our #GRAMMY friends are here

Jan 23, 2015replyretweetfavorite

The incomparable Daniel Lanois shares some of his Lexicon gear. What an honor. Are we blushing? Yes, we are....

Jan 20, 2015replyretweetfavorite

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Lexicon and Daniel Lanois
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Al Schmitt

With an unparalleled 18 Grammy Awards for engineering, Al Schmitt epitomizes great recording through decades of technological change. Schmitt has engineered breakthrough al... more
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Chuck Ainlay

While studying music at Indiana University, Chuck Ainlay decided he wanted to pursue the art of recording, He worked his way up through the traditional studio ranks, paving... more