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Barry Rudolph uses:
  • LXP Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle Lexicon's LXP Native bundle is not a plug-in version of their half-rack space hardware LXP-1 digital reverb from years ago--it's WAY more. With over 200 factory preset sounds spread across the Chambers, Halls, Rooms and Plates categories, it's perfect for all the reverb needs I could ever have. Suffice to say that if you wanted to buy just one great reverb plug-in, this is it! It works great as a send/return effect but I like using it as an insert effect for placing mix elements in their own "window" of sonic uniqueness.
  • PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle I have no other reverb, plug-in or hardware, with this much versatility--there are many great, usable factory preset reverb sounds and, at the same time, "deep as you want" intense programmability for modifying or designing your own unique reverberant treatments. With its huge collection of specialized reverb algorithms for great sounding Chambers, Concert Halls, Halls, Plates, Random Halls, Rooms, and Vintage Plates, The PCM Native Reverb Bundle is worthy enough to be my main reverb and it is well used in all my mixes.

Barry Rudolph

Veteran L.A.-based recording engineer/producer Barry Rudolph is a contributing editor for MIX Magazine, 'New Toys' columnist for L.A.'s Music Connection Magazine, writer for and occasionally for Sound On Sound and He also is editor/writer of Gear Lust, his online special review section on his personal website.

 Partial List of Music Credits
Pat Benatar "Go"
Eloise Laws "Secrets"
Jennifer Paige "These Days"
Rod Stewart "When We Were The New Boys"
Oleta Adams "Power of Sacrifice"
The Corrs "Talk On Street Corners"
Beth Hart "Screamin’ For My Supper"
BB Mak "Back Here Baby"
Richard Elliot "Chill Factor"
Enrique Iglesais "Enrique Iglesais"
Ambrosia "Ambrosia’s Greatest Hits"
Lynyrd Skynyrd "Street Survivors
Daryl Hall and John Oats "Daryl Hall and John Oats"
Rod Stewart "Footloose and Fancy Free"
Waylon Jennings "Are You Ready For The Country?"
John Prine "Common Sense"
Robbie Nevil "Day One"
Najee "Just An Illusion"
Al Wilson "Show and Tell"