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Lexicon PCM Hardware now supported in System Architect 2.3

December 03, 2010

Lexicon PCM Hardware now supported in System Architect 2.3

Download for free here:

On December 2, HiQnet System Architect 2.3 was released.  This version includes several operational and performance optimizations to enhance the design experience, including:

 - Support for the Lexicon PCM 92, PCM 96 and PCM 96S processors

 - Control multiple devices of multiple types

 - Firmware update as many units at once as you want

 - Real-time input and output meters

 - Control of all parameters

 - Ability to change machine configurations,clock rates,audio source

 - Ability to store and recall device files

 - Store and recall venue files(store the state of many devices and recall them all at once)

 - Custom control panel capability

 - Transfer presets from box to SA

Download here:

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