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A Brief History of Hall Reverb:

Halls are the most traditional reverb sounds, and of course, are based on a large man-made environment. Some halls are built specifically for performance, but many are just large spaces, which in the real world can lead to varied results. They first entered the digital domain with the EMT 250 followed soon after by the Lexicon 224.

Lexicon and Hall Reverb:

If a digital reverb couldn’t accurately represent a hall, it would be a nice, but limited tool. Lexicon has mastered the intricacies of this three dimensional space and enhanced the experience with layer upon layer of configurable options. If you have heard a hall reverb in a modern recording, chances are, it’s a Lexicon.


‘The thing I noticed about Lexicon reverb when I first started using it, was that it sat in a very different place in the mix compared to other digital reverbs…Lexicon reverb almost appeared not to be there, until you turned it off and realized the beauty it was adding to your mix.’

Mark Tinley (Duran Duran, The Dandy Warhols, Gary Numan)

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