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PCM Native Pitch Shift (discontinued)

VST / AU / RTAS Effect Plug-in

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A Brief History of Pitch Effects:

Pitch shifting came into being via the simple process of slowing down or speeding up the recording mechanism. At first, it was primarily used for cartoon voices starting in the 1930’s, but eventually found its way into popular music in the 1960’s and 1970’s, most notably with bands like the Beatle’s and Led Zeppelin. In recent years, the ability to affect pitch and time changes has been greatly improved, leading to many variations in the effects processing world.

Lexicon and Pitch Effects:

Pitch shifting has been an option in Lexicon® effects for over 20 years and the PCM Native Pitch is a natural fit for our world renowned line. This is the effect for people who demand perfection, from the company that that delivers.

PCM Native Pitch

Lexicon® has a history of making effects that alter how music is mixed, and the PCM Native Pitch fits right in. This plug-in is the result of over 40 years of finely-tuned algorithms being combined to make something that didn’t exist until our engineers dreamed it up. Get ready to define the sound of the next generation.

The Sound

The Lexicon® Pitch Shift algorithm can be used for altering the pitch of a source signal. Pitch can be adjusted using one of two types: Musical or Percent. In Musical mode, pitch can be adjusted in semitones and/or cents. In Percent mode, pitch can be adjusted by a percentage. Additional parameters are provided for tailoring the quality of the effect. The Pitch Shift plug-in can be effectively used for: sound design for film, correcting pitch when converting between frame rates, and shifting the pitch of an instrument (typically when single notes are played, such as in a guitar solo).

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