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PCM Native Plate Reverb (discontinued)

VST / AU / RTAS Reverb Plug-in

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A Brief History of the Plate Reverb:

A plate reverb sound is generated by projecting a signal onto a large, heavy plate of metal and capturing the vibrations on the other end. The first widely used plate reverb unit was developed and produced by German phonograph manufacturer 'EMT'. They produced a beautiful sound that was superior to any spring reverb by most standards, but the units themselves were highly cumbersome - often weighing as much as 600lbs and they required tuning that could take hours!

Plate reverbs gained popularity in the late 1950's and continued to be utilized heavily well into the 1970's. Many of the biggest records of the period used some form of plate reverb.


“My favorite reverb is plate, because it sounds like a space, but not a space that really exists. It’s an idyllic space that can go from small to large and back down to earth.”

Fred Maher (Material, Lou Reed, Matthew Sweet)


Lexicon and Plate Reverb:

Lexicon plate reverbs have been used on thousands of records from the late 1970's on. When artists and mixers were looking for a Plate that could stand up to the classic sound of an EMT, but was far easier to use and maintain, they have turned to Lexicon.


“The sounds of the PCM Native Reverb Plug-In's are classic Lexicon – rich, deep and enveloping, and they can elevate a mix from being merely good to being absolutely captivating. In addition, the ability to tweak parameters to get exactly the sound quality you want, and then be able to save those settings and recall them instantly is a powerful advantage.”

Val Garay (The Motels, Linda Ronstadt, Santana)

PCM Native Plate Reverb

Drawing upon over thirty-five years of being the audio industries pre-eminent maker of hardware digital reverb and multi-effects units, the Lexicon Native Plate Reverb is in a class of its own. As part of classic pieces like the lexicon 224 and 480XL, our plate reverbs have been used to define the sound of thousands of albums and now you can apply these world class algorithms to your mixes through this powerful plug in.

The Sound

Plate reverbs are renowned for their bright, clean tone. Because they have no pre-delay, they are ideal for percussive instruments. This lack of pre-delay also creates the effect of distance, which makes plate reverbs a valuable effect for backing vocals or any other instrument that needs to be present, but not at the forefront of the mix. Providing a gentle ‘mellowing and thickening’ of the initial sound, plate reverbs are a vital part of any mixing arsenal.

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