PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle

7 VST/AU/RTAS Reverb Plug-ins


MSRP $719.94
Save $119.99!

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  • 7 legendary Lexicon Reverbs
  • Hundreds of brilliantly crafted studio presets
  • Multi-platform compatibility: Windows® XP, Vista, and 7; Mac® OSX 10.4 -- 10.8, PowerPC and Intel (32 & 64-bit)
  • Formats that work seamlessly in any VST, Audio Unit, or RTAS compatible DAW
  • Graphical real-time display illustrating the frequency stages of each algorithm
  • Visual EQ section for easy adjustment of both early and late reflections
  • Presets can be stored in a DAW independent format which allows custom presets to be transferred between any DAWs
  • Full parameter control and automation
  • Input and output meters for quick assessment of audio levels going to and from the reverb
  • iLok authorized
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