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It's here! The new QLI-32 cinema processor made it's debut this week at the CinemaCon show. With HARMAN's...

Apr 24, 2015replyretweetfavorite

Check out @bobbyowsinski's tutorial of the Abbey Road Reverb trick! Try this with your @lexiconpro reverbs!

Apr 23, 2015replyretweetfavorite

RT @Azaambie: Reverb and Delay: Tips & Tricks of the Pros via @musicconnection

Apr 23, 2015replyretweetfavorite

RT @Harman: HARMAN’s Lexicon Introduces QLI-32 Quantum Logic® Immersion Processor for Spectacular Cinema Surround Sound

Apr 23, 2015replyretweetfavorite

RT @GetThatProSound: Quick rundown of essential reverb tips, from setting pre-delay to combos of long and short reverbs:

Apr 22, 2015replyretweetfavorite

RT @LukeHaines_News: Simon adding a gated lexicon reverb to his lobster, and turning up the kick drum 5000dbs. #masterchef

Apr 22, 2015replyretweetfavorite

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